AbsorMat - Best Countertop Mat

Style: Veggies White
Size: 30x40cm
Sale price$20.90 AUD

AbsorMat - Your Countertop Never Looked So Good

Gentlemen, Meet Your Kitchen's New Wingman: AbsorMat!


Tired of kitchen spills sabotaging your style?
Enter AbsorMat, the superhero of spills and the silent guardian of your countertops! Say goodbye to messy mishaps and hello to kitchen chic!
AbsorMat isn't just a mat; it's a sleek, absorbent bodyguard for your kitchen surfaces.
It laughs in the face of spills, splashes, and kitchen chaos, all while looking dapper and stylish.
This isn't your grandma's kitchen mat; it's the James Bond of absorbency.
Picture this – you, confidently cooking up a storm, knowing that AbsorMat has your back (and your countertop).
It's not just about cleanliness; it's about turning your kitchen into a well-orchestrated masterpiece of sophistication.
Don't let your kitchen suffer from spill shame any longer!
Click the "Add to Cart" button now and let AbsorMat be the unsung hero of your culinary adventures.
Embrace the style, embrace the cleanliness, and let your kitchen be the envy of all who enter.

Not Sure AbsorMat is for you?


  • Crafted from faux velveteen and rubber materials, this kitchen absorbent pad boasts durability, a gentle touch, and the convenience of easy folding;

  • Resistant to splashes, this mat efficiently absorbs water and coffee, ensuring your countertops stay instantly clean and organized;

  • Facilitating water drainage, this bench mat aids in drying washed tableware, preventing the growth of mildew and bacteria, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene;

  • Anti-slip feature: The back is equipped with a texture that exhibits powerful adherence, ensuring a secure attachment to the table with minimal risk of shifting.


With AbsorMat, your kitchen won't just be clean; it'll be a suave sanctuary of style.

Don't miss out on the chance to own this extraordinary spill defender.

Act now, and let your kitchen be the talk of the town, one spill at a time!

Sizes Available: 30x40cm | 40x50cm | 50x60cm

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