HotCup - Coffee Mug Warmer

Style: Classic
Sale price$89.90 AUD

Ah Fork! Presents:


HotCup Coaster: A Warm Embrace For Your Mugs!


Prepare for a Mug-nificent Upgrade:


Introducing HotCup, the coaster that's about to redefine your coffee and tea experience!




No more tepid disappointments‚ÄĒHotCup keeps your favorite beverages warm and cozy with its built-in timer.



Set It and Forget It:


Picture this scenario‚ÄĒa perfectly timed, always-warm cup of coffee or tea waiting for you.


HotCup isn't just a coaster; it's your personal beverage concierge.



Set the timer to match your pace and savor every moment, one warm sip at a time.


Your Mug, Your Way:


Elevate your daily experience with HotCup Coaster!

With built-in temperature adjustment!

Ah Fork!'s latest release ensures that your coffee or tea is never forgotten and always enjoyed at its best.



Great gift idea for the man who never leaves the office or just enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea while still in bed!

Don't miss out on the warmth‚ÄĒorder your¬†HotCup today and¬†live in style!



EU plug ONLY (please check before purchasing!)
Cable length: 1.5m
Timer: 2-12 hours (4h default)




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