Katana Sharp Japanese Knives

Style: Chef's Knife
Sale price$62.90 AUD

Katana Sharp Japanese Knives


Unleash Culinary Precision with our Katana Sharp Japanese Knives Collection!


Discover the Art of Exquisite Cutting:

Our Katana Sharp Japanese Knives redefine kitchen mastery. From precision slicing to perfect dicing, experience the next level of culinary excellence.

Picture this:

Razor-sharp blades inspired by legendary Katana swords, effortlessly gliding through ingredients.

Elevate your cooking with knives that marry tradition with modern craftsmanship.

It's not just cutting; it's a culinary revelation.



Own the Culinary Edge:

Limited Edition!

Embrace the power of Katana Sharp Japanese Knives.

Transform your kitchen, and your cooking, with Ah Fork!'s latest knife collection. Seize the moment and order now!


8 inch Chef's knife
8 inch Kiritsuke knife
8 inch Bread knife
8 inch Slicing knife
7 inch Utility knife
7 inch Santoku knife
6 inch Boning knife
5 inch Santoku knife
5 inch Steak knife
3.5 inch Paring knife


Knives are sold separately;
Too keep it new for longer, prefer hand washing; 


Please note that due to the nature of this product and the VOLUME of ORDERS, shipping times are longer (approx. 8 weeks).


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