Nomad Forge Mini Portable BBQ Grill

Size: Large
Sale price$79.90 AUD

Unlock the Freedom of Flavor Anywhere You Go with Nomad Forge Mini Portable Camping BBQ Grill!

Versatile Adventure: Elevate your outdoor experience with our multipurpose BBQ grill. Perfect for camping, open-fire cooking, campfire heating, and even family gatherings in the yard. Embrace the freedom to grill wherever your adventures take you.

Portable Perfection: Our stainless steel grill boasts a fold-down design for easy installation, removal, and portability. No more limitations—enjoy the benefits of grilling on the go with Nomad Forge Mini Portable BBQ Grill.

Quality at Every Flame: Crafted from premium stainless steel, this charcoal grill is not only durable and wear and tear-resistant but also heat-resistant for long-lasting use. Embrace efficient design with the V-shaped grill that enhances wind resistance and gathers combustion heat effectively.

Easy Grilling, Anytime: Experience the convenience of quick folding and unfolding, allowing you to pack it in your backpack effortlessly. Weighing just 520g and with dimensions of 16 x 27 x 13cm, Nomad Forge Mini Portable BBQ Grill is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures.

Grill with ease, wherever the path leads you!




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