Waterfall Smart Kitchen Sink

Color: 75cmx45cm
Sale price$1,599.00 AUD


Upgrade Your Kitchen Experience with the Waterfall Smart Kitchen Sink – A Symphony of Innovation and Convenience!

🚿 Waterfall Faucet: Effortless and Elegant – the Waterfall Faucet Adds a Touch of Luxury to Your Daily Routine.

🍽️ Spacious Wash Basin: No More Crowded Spaces – Enjoy the Generous 75cm x 45cm Dimensions for Unrestricted Usage.


🔪 Free Chopping Board: From Prep to Presentation – Streamline Your Cooking Process with the Built-in Chopping Board Space.

🔄 Sliding Space: Maximize Efficiency – Customizable Sliding Space for Basins, Boards and More.

🚰 Pull Out Faucet: Flexibility at Your Fingertips – Easily Reach Every Corner with the Pull Out Faucet Feature.

Cup Washer: Say Goodbye to Dirty Cups – The Built-in Cup Washer Ensures Spotless Drinkware Every Time.

💡 Smart Technology: Elevate Your Kitchen to the Future – Enjoy the Benefits of Smart Digital Technology in Every Drop.


Say Hello to the Future of Kitchen Convenience – Waterfall Smart Kitchen Sink, Where Innovation Meets Daily Living!


Friendly Note Before You Buy:

  1. Kindly check with your local customs to confirm any customs duties associated with the product before making a purchase. The buyer is responsible for customs duties. If this isn't suitable for you, we appreciate your understanding and suggest refraining from placing an order. Thank you!
  2. As the sink is a sizable package, we have to use different logistics partners, resulting in a longer transportation time. Anticipate delivery within 3 weeks, and we kindly ask for your patience. If the shipping tracking information doesn't update, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help!



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